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30 Best Swimming Pool Accessories: Fun, Function & More!

Beach balls in the water.

Some of our favorite types of pool accessories are mandatory for maintaining a clean and efficiently-running pool, but others are just for fun! Don’t let another pool season pass by without everything you need to get the most out of your backyard and private oasis.

Now let’s dive into the deep end of the pool accessories market and highlight our top 30 favorites. There are dozens and dozens of options out there, but with our curated list, you can skip all that extra research time and spend a little extra time swimming, floating, and lounging the way you want to. Optimal backyard leisure awaits!

The Difference Between Hot Tubs, Swim Spas, and Swimming Pools

PowerPro from Jacuzzi Swim Spas

One of the most popular options for backyard leisure and improvement is the installation of a swimming pool or spa, according to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA). In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at each option available to you, outline the differences and benefits, and ultimately, help you find the best one for your lifestyle.

How Much Do Swim Spas in Prince George Cost in 2021?

In-ground Jacuzzi Swim Spa installation in a large deck.

If you want the fitness experience a pool provides but are also drawn to the relaxation and stress relief a hot tub offers, look no further than a swim spa. These sleek spas truly offer the best of both worlds giving your healthy lifestyle and the ambience of your backyard a boost.

With so many different models to choose from, deciding which one is right for you can seem like an impossible task. That’s why we’ve put together an in-depth list to help you decide what type of swim spa is right for your needs — and your budget.

5 Reasons Every Home Needs a Swim Spa

Outdoor Jacuzzi Swim Spa installation.

A swim spa is a combination of a pool and a spa, which means you get the benefits of both. There are many different reasons why you may want to buy a Jacuzzi® Swim Spa.

Having one of these great systems can give you everything you need right in your own backyard. Here are five reasons why you may want to start shopping for a swim spa today.

Your Complete Guide to Hot Tub Chemicals

Modern home with a Jacuzzi Hot Tub installed in the backyard at night.

If you’ve ever been tempted to skip your weekly hot tub maintenance, or skimp on the chemicals you use, then this article is a must-read. Think of it this way, the same water stays in your hot tub for up to three months at a time. Without proper sanitization, your spa would become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Clean water — and a properly working spa — starts with using the right chemicals on the right schedule. Let’s take a look at what you’ll need to keep your spa sparkling clean and ready-to-use whenever the urge strikes.

Things to Do While Waiting for Hot Tub Delivery

Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub installation.

If you’re on the list for a spa, you may be wondering how you’ll pass the time while you wait. We know, waiting isn’t much fun — but you can fill your time pleasurably by preparing for your hot tub install.

If you have everything you’ll need ahead of time, you’ll be able to enjoy your spa to the fullest once it arrives. Here are some handy and fun accessories to shop for and keep you busy while waiting for your hot tub delivery.

We promise it will be well worth the wait.

Ways to Help Manage and Reduce Your Stress

Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub Installation in the snow

Stress — it’s something that everyone has and no one wants. If you’re looking for a natural way to deal with stress and the toll it can take on your mind and body, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a guide to help you not only manage your stress, but reduce it.

Let’s take a look at the top four ways to deal with stress and all of its symptoms.

Discover the Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs Play™ Collection

Jacuzzi Play Collection hot tub.

Price should never get in the way of having a high-quality hydrotherapy experience. And that’s why Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs has created it’s new, groundbreaking Play™ Collection. The goal? To make premium hot tub therapy available to the masses so that more people can enjoy the many health and social benefits a spa offers.

Read on to learn more about the Jacuzzi Play™ Collection and how it could be the right fit for you and your family. 

Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Spa Water Clean

Outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub by a bar on a modern patio.

Keeping your spa clean doesn’t have to be difficult. Knowing the tricks of the trade can really help you streamline your routine maintenance process. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the best tips and tricks to help keep your spa water clean.

Ways to Stay Healthy While at Home

Modern outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub installation.

Home can be the starting place of your best health. Forget about expensive gym memberships and driving through traffic to go to your spa. Instead, you can make a few changes to your outdoor space that not only increase the value and enjoyment of your home, but can also help you live a healthier lifestyle. And nothing is a better investment then your good health.

Let’s look at the best ways you can stay healthy right in your own back yard.

Outdoor Décor Tips for This Spring and Summer

Private outdoor Jacuzzi Hot Tub installation.

With the warm weather upon us, it’s time to start thinking about your outdoor living space. Does your yard need more colour or visual interest? Does it lack a focal point or decorative touches? Read on for some great tips on how you can give your outdoor space a facelift without breaking the bank.

Spring Cleaning Your Pool & Backyard Living Space

Person power washing their walkway.

As the snow melts and the sun continues to shine, it’s becomes very clear that spring is on its way! As it begins to warm up outside, many homeowners are eager to make the most of their backyard living space. But first, you must give your backyard the TLC it deserves and bring it back to life, so that you can enjoy it to the fullest.

In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps to spring clean your backyard living space, spa and swimming pool area.

How to Get Your Swimming Pool Ready for Spring?

Person testing the pool water.

Is it time to get your swimming pool ready for spring? By taking some time to inspect, clean and revitalize your swimming pool, you can ensure that the water is safe to use and even end up using it sooner rather than later. In this article, we’re going to walk you through the steps to get your pool ready for spring.

Top 5 Benefits of Owning a Backyard Gazebo

Outdoor gazebo installation.

You may have thought about investing in a backyard gazebo at some point. To install a gazebo in your backyard, you need to make sure that you have enough space. Luckily, gazebos come in different sizes and styles. Finding the right one for your yard is easier than you think. Before making your purchase, however, it’s good to look at the benefits you can expect from having one.

Our Favourite 6-Person Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tub installation on a deck.

When you’re looking for hot tubs, it’s important to research all the types of tubs available. Selecting the right hot tub will not only ensure that you’re happy with your investment, but also that you use your hot tub. For the people who want to invest in a 6-person hot tub, Eden Spas has made a list of our favourite models.

The Proper Way to Close a Swimming Pool for Winter

Person testing their pool water.

Closing a pool for the winter is a necessary step in ensuring the longevity of your pool so it lasts for many years without damage. Because winter presents harsh elements and potential below freezing temperatures, the importance of closing a pool for winter cannot be stressed enough. Unfortunately, the process can be a little strenuous, but with the right preparation, it’s possible that it will be easy and simple.

Creating a Stress-Free Back to School Experience

Outdoor hot tub installation on a patio in the fall by the water.

September can be a stressful month as children return to school. And worries about getting used to a new school or a new classroom can cause anxiety. Read on for some helpful tips on how you can help your kids beat the stress that a new school year can bring.

Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Yoga

Everything You Need to Know About Swimming Pool Yoga

There are so many body and mind benefits that come from practicing yoga. Pair this up with swimming and you have an amazing time that leaves you feeling renewed every time you are in the water. Yoga involves stretching your body as you engage in breathing activities. You also need to open up your mind and release tensions through body poses and stretches that tighten up and release in a fluid rhythmic motion. When this is done in water, one is able to gain more balance and body flexibility with time.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about doing yoga in the pool.

Safety Accessories Every Swimming Pool Should Have

Red lifebuoy ring by the pool.

Owning a pool is right on top of many people’s lists when they start planning their dream home. If your luxury swimming pool installation is going to be enjoyed to the absolute maximum, you must ensure that it is both safe and functional for everyone to enjoy. In this article, we’re going to cover some of the most essential safety accessories that every pool should have.

Backyard Gazebo Installation Ideas You’ll Love

Backyard gazebo installation.

Have you thought about installing a gazebo in your backyard? Gazebos provide a great place to relax outdoors or to entertain your friends and family. But while a traditional gazebo can provide you with a nice outdoor area, there are other types of gazebo installation ideas that can truly transform your backyard. Here are a few of these ideas that you’re sure to love.

How Swimming Can Help You Live a Healthier Lifestyle

Outdoor swimming pool installation.

No matter your fitness level, the benefits of swimming are yours for the taking. Swimming provides the chance for a muscle makeover, can transform you into a cardio king, helps turn back the clock, and will calm you more than a leisurely vacation in San Tropez. In addition, you don’t have to work up a sweat or overexert yourself to get a complete cardio workout.

If these promises aren’t enough to have you reaching for your bathing suit, however, here are five benefits of swimming. They’ll convince you that there’s no such thing as being too cool for the pool.

How Often Should I Clean My Hot Tub?

Outdoor hot tub installation with a pool.

One of the best ways to end a long stressful day is some relaxing hydrotherapy in your backyard hot tub. A spotless hot tub filled with crystal-clear water almost always sparks joy! Proper cleaning and regular maintenance of a hot tub increases its longevity and enhances the performance, while creating a safe and enjoyable place for you and your loved ones to relax. In this article, we speak about how often you should clean your hot tub with more detailed information on when and how to do it.

Benefits of Having a Daily Hot Tub Ritual


There are many health benefits that come with having a daily spa, or hot tub ritual. In the following article, we’re going to explore the many health benefits that come with soaking yourself in a two-person hot tub for a short period of time every single day. Let’s see what having a daily dip in the hot tub can do for you.

How to Choose an Affordable Hot Tub That's Still High Quality

How to Choose an Affordable Hot Tub That's Still High Quality

The old adage “you get what you pay for” is almost always true — especially when shopping for a hot tub. That does not mean you have to pay an arm and a leg to have a superior spa, however. High quality yet affordable hot tubs are easy to find if you shop smart. Read on to discover how you can find a quality hot tub without breaking the bank.

Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Outside This Fall

Budget-Friendly Ways to Get Outside This Fall

Colder temperatures, less daylight, and windy days might make you feel like staying indoors, but you’ll be missing out if you do! Get your blood flowing this fall with a range of outdoor activities and unique adventures that won’t break the bank. To give you some ideas, we’ve created an Eden Spas outdoor fall activity checklist, so that you can take advantage of the fresh air, before the winter’s chill sets in. Read on for more!

How Hot Tubs Can Help Sore and Stiff Muscles

Woman holding knee and suffering from sore muscles.

To some, a hot tub may be considered a luxury item, but we assure you, they are actually quite beneficial for our health. Ask anybody that has soaked in a hot tub for a relaxing use of their free time and they will tell you how amazing and stress-free they felt afterward. In fact, soaking in a hot tub is widely used to help treat sore and stiff muscles. Let’s take a look at how the hot, jet-driven water of a hot tub can help your body feel better and help you get back to your daily life.

The Complete Backyard Safety Checklist

backyard in-ground pool installation

The backyard tends to be a really popular spot to hang out during the summer - especially if you have children or just like having guests over. As you children and their friends cartwheel in the grass, the guests can hang out on the patio. It's an ideal and fun way to spend your time until one unfortunate event occurs - and you're left with nothing but regret. Backyards are prone to many hazards - from toxic plants and lawn mowers, to unwatched grills and harmful pesticides. If you end up leaving this situation untended to - you're putting your home, guests, kids and pets at a significant risk. The good thing is that all these potential hazards are entirely preventable if addressed properly.

How can you avoid a potentially hazardous situation and just bask in the enjoyment in your outdoor hot tub or swimming pool without worrying about anything else? We break it down…

Steps to Creating a Beautiful Backyard Paradise This Spring

Stunning outdoor hot tub installation in spring.

Spring season is finally here! One of the most pleasant times of the year. It is the ideal time to spend some relaxing time in your backyard enjoying the beauty of nature and lovely atmosphere. If your backyard has seen better days, then don’t worry as we have got your back. This post contains a complete guide to help you create a beautiful backyard that will serve as your paradise this spring. Have a look at the simple steps to create a beautiful backyard.

Signs You Should Replace Your Hot Tub Cover

Hot tub cover beside green bushes.

Are you taking the best care of your hot tub possible? Your hot tub is a significant investment in your home, lifestyle, and quality of life. Taking proper care of it with regular cleaning and the right accessories is imperative. A hot tub cover is an essential asset when it comes to the maintenance of your hot tub. However, if you don’t take good care of your cover, you might find that it needs to be replaced sooner than expected. Read on to learn more about the tell-tale signs that might indicate your hot tub cover needs to be replaced and explore a few tips to increase the durability of your spa cover.

Why You Should Use a Hot Tub This Winter

Hot Tub Outdoor Set Up

There are so many wonderful benefits of using a hot tub throughout the year. These benefits are simply maximized in the wintertime, mainly due to the strong contrast between the cold weather and warm, luxurious environment within the spa. Read on to learn more about the many benefits of using a hot tub during the cold season.

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