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The Complete Backyard Safety Checklist

backyard in-ground pool installation

The backyard tends to be a really popular spot to hang out during the summer - especially if you have children or just like having guests over. As your children and their friends cartwheel in the grass, the guests can hang out on the patio. It's an ideal and fun way to spend your time until one unfortunate event occurs - and you're left with nothing but regret. Backyards are prone to many hazards - from toxic plants and lawn mowers, to unwatched grills and harmful pesticides. If you end up leaving this situation untended to - you're putting your home, guests, kids, and pets at a significant risk. The good thing is that all these potential hazards are entirely preventable if addressed properly.

How can you avoid a potentially hazardous situation and just bask in the enjoyment of your outdoor hot tub or swimming pool without worrying about anything else? We break it down…

Supervise Your Kids

Your kids are going to need some attention if you're out in the backyard with them. There are many items on the backyard that can be dangerous for children - such as the toxic plants, garden products, lawn mowers, pesticides and weed killers are also toxic, and the kids must be kept away from them.

Supervision is also imperative when using the hot tub, swimming pool, or swim spa. Swimming lessons and first aid safety training is, of course, a great start, but there should always be an adult present while children are in the water.

Adjust Your Installation for Safety

You're going to have to put some thought and consideration into everything you do with the backyard. If you're choosing to have the toxic plants in your garden, for instance, make sure they are enclosed with safety fencing and preferably also secured in elevated garden beds. Or, opt for something that is both child and pet-friendly to avoid the issue altogether.

In addition, pools also have to be enclosed by a fence in order to maintain a safe installation. If the pool isn't in use, it should preferably be covered. You can also install alarms on the entrance to the pool area.

Inspect the Area Around Your In-Ground Pool

Be it a swimming pool, swim spa or a hot tub, the area around it must be inspected thoroughly in order to ensure that there are no potentially hazardous pool accessories such as diving boards or slides around.

It would also help to only use battery operated appliances in this area as opposed to those that run on electricity. Also, make sure that the position of the electrical switches and circuit breakers used in the pool or hot tub are known to the family in case an emergency situation arises. You might also want to equip your family members with CPR skills in order to really ensure safety in an unfortunate situation.

To take the safety and functionality of your backyard to the next level, installing exterior lighting can prove to be quite helpful. Lighting that illuminates the water, walkways and entranceways can help guide your family and guests through the backyard, while deterring wildlife and/or trespassers.

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