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Top 5 Reasons to Have a Jacuzzi in the Summer

Top 5 Reasons to Have a Jacuzzi in the Summer

Prince George has VERY long winters. When the snow finally (finally) melts and disappears everyone, it seems, wants to be outside. Backyards and decks become the preferred hangout areas… unless you have a Jacuzzi! Having a hot tub in the summer may seem redundant but we think there are 5 AMAZING reasons to have a Jacuzzi in your backyard this summer.

1. Who doesn’t love a cold drink in a hot tub?

Sangria or vodka slime? Whatever your poison is, it’s going to taste better and go down easier if you’re chilling in a hot tub. Margarita night got a lot more wild after the Jones’ got a Jacuzzi! Why not toss the kids in the tub too?! Maybe give them a Shirley Temple instead of the Screwdriver though.

2. You’ll look thinner under water

Was the winter hard on your waist line? Did your New Year’s resolutions fall through? Don’t worry about the few extra pounds you put on. If you’re hanging out in a Jacuzzi you’re not going to even notice! Kick back, put the jets on and enjoy a hydromassage and encompass yourself in a sea of bubbles (under which no one will notice you obviously couldn’t stay away from your mother’s infamous pasta sauce).

3. You can’t (safely) escape into your smartphone

One of the best things about being in a Jacuzzi is that it’s a nice reprieve from the business of everyday life. Put your playlist on the Bluetooth connection to your tub, set your phone safely on the table and hop in! There is a lot to be said for chilling without the tech. Have a good conversation with your spouse or a friend, face to face, while you both relax and listen to some tunes. You could also take an evening to unwind alone under the summer stars!

4. Hot Tub parties are all the new rage.


You can’t watch this video and be sad. Hot tubs are what fun is made of. The party was only getting started at the end of the clip! We have another blog post on tips to throwing the perfect hot tub party here. If you don’t have a hot tub, but would like to find out how much fun a Jacuzzi could be, call us and we’ll set you up for a free dip (invite a couple friends).

5. Weather doesn’t matter

If you want to be outside, be outside! You’re going to be warm for sure, no matter what Mother Nature throws at you, in your hot tub! You will always have a great hang out spot for those annoying summer showers (it always seems to happen on the long weekends!) or overcast Sundays.

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