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Top Swimming Pool Exercises

Swimming Laps

Swimming pools aren't only great to relax in on a nice summer day. They are also perfect for those of us who like to stay healthy and keep busy with a nice fitness routine. There are many great exercises that can be practiced in your swimming pool with no need to purchase any additional gear and with minimal requirements. This makes them absolutely perfect for practitioners of all walks of life. Whether you are a professional athlete looking to stay fit, a casual fitness fan or if you suffer from mobility issues or other physical limitations, exercising in your swimming pool is always a great way to stay fit.

This article will walk you through some great exercises that will help you target different areas of the body and offer different benefits.

Jumping Jacks

It does sound a little bit silly, right?

Don’t let the apparent simplicity of these exercises fool you! Jumping jacks are deceptively easy, but if you keep practice with consistency, you will discover that they actually make for an excellent workout in the water. Jumping Jacks target different areas of the body, including your lower abdomen, legs and cardiovascular health.

Water Wings

If you are looking for a great, yet simple exercise that targets your arms and shoulders, try this exercise!

Stand up in the water and stretch out your arms as much as you can. Keep the palms of your hands open and hold your arms horizontally, barely under the surface of the water. Move your arms in the water, keeping them straight and stretched out, as if you were trying to move water away from you, from inwards to outwards. This simple exercise will help you target your arm muscles, as well as your shoulders, due to the unsuspectingly complex set of movements you will have to perform with your upper body.


It might not sound like a great exercise, but floating in the water is a great way to work on your balance and even strengthen your abdomen and chest.

Simply keep your body straight and float in the water trying to avoid submerging areas of your body as much as possible. You will find that such an apparently simple task might not be as easy as it appears. After a few minutes, you will realize that you’re making a big effort to maintain your balance. These are your abdomen muscles working to help you stay afloat constantly and avoid sinking!

Swimming Laps

If your swimming pool is large enough to allow it, you can simply swim laps in your favorite style! Swimming targets many different body muscles and it is perfect to enhance your blood circulation as well. By many experts, swimming is actually considered one of the most accomplished sports that you can actually perform, so you just cannot go wrong!

Are you looking for more cool exercise tips or other cool ideas to help you make the most out of your own swimming pool? Learn more and feel free to contact our time at Eden Spas in Prince George, BC!

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